Aaron Rodgers’ record vs. Bears: How the Packers have ‘owned’ their rivals for two decades

When Aaron Rodgers retires, you may be able toย find him in the Soldier Field owners box.

Rodgers has made several headlines this year, but one specific moment during Week 6 added another page in Rodgers’ legend: After a fourth-quarter touchdown run that essentially sealed the Packers win over Chicago, Rodgers turned to the stands, gazed upon many, many middle fingers and delivered a fairly accurate and declarative statement:

“I still own you,” Rodgers shouted to the stands.

As Rodgers and the Packers gear up to defend home turf against Justin Fields and the Bears this weekend, Rodgers reinforced that he didn’t regret the comment, but indicated that it wasn’t directed at the Bears.

Rodgers’ taunt was less of a taunt and more of a statement of fact, though: Since being named starter for the Packers, Rodgers has, in fact, dominated, owned, son’d โ€” and whatever other phrase you choose to use โ€”ย the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers record vs. Bears

Since entering the league in 2005, Rodgers has played against the Bears 26 times. He holds aย 21-5 recordย over his NFC North rival.ย 

That’s the best record he has vs. any NFC North opponent. He’s 15-10 vs. the Vikings and 18-5 vs. the Lions in his career.

Rodgers also has a win over the Bears in the playoffs in 2011: The Packers unseated the Bears in the NFC Championship game en route to a Super Bowl win over the Steelers.

Rodgers is currently running a five-game winning streak vs. the Bears since 2019, and the Packers are 9-1 in Rodgers’ last 10 games vs. Chicago. The Bears have not swept a season series while Rodgers has been starter.ย 

Aaron Rodgers stats vs. Bears

Rodgers’ total ownership of the Bears doesn’t just boil down to his record. In those 26 games, Rodgers has thrown 6,208 yards and 57 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions. He has also rushed for two touchdowns, including the rush that led to the famed “I still own you” declaration earlier this year.

Rodgers has six games where he’s thrown four or more touchdown passes, including a monster six-TD performance in 2014 in a 55-14 Packers win.

There’s good news for Bears fans, though: Rodgers’ passer rating against Chicago is third worst against NFC North opponents. He holds a 110.2 rating vs. the Vikings, a 108.1 rating vs. the Lions and a 107.7 rating vs. Chicago.

What the Bears have said about Rodgers’ ‘I own you’ taunt

Bear Down, or Bears down bad?

Rodgers’ comments have caught the ears of Bears players, but most of them have seemed to brush it off and haven’t pinned anything to the bulletin board just yet heading into their Week 14 matchup.

Head coach Matt Nagy kept it short and sweet when mentioning Rodgers’ tauntย “We’re aware of it,” he said.

Bears tight end Jimmy Graham also weighed in:ย “Iโ€™ve been a part of my own sโ€” talking in my career. Thereโ€™s always gonna be that chatter. Thereโ€™s just rarely a boom mic around.”

Other players have weighed in on the nature of the rivalry between the two teams and Green Bay’s recent dominance (and ownership) over the Bears:

Bears safety Tashaun Gipson: “Obviously itโ€™s personal, but thatโ€™s the nature of the business. Thatโ€™s the nature of the game, especially when you come into these rivalry games where itโ€™s so much history behind it. You gotta take these things personal.”

Bears quarterback Justin Fields: “Weโ€™ve been wanting to get a win against these guys for a long time now. And this rivalry means a lot to not only the people around here, but the people of Chicago, stuff like that. It would definitely mean a lot and I think it would give us momentum in these last five games or after this game, these last four games. It would definitely be great.”

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