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The back-to-back wonderful and entertaining league is introducing some amazing matches for the fans. Well, most people love to watch the football matches of the popular league, the Saudi Arabian League. The league has come with some amazing matches in the last few days and now, the league is ready to show one more match. Not only a single match, but there will also be two matches that will take place on the football ground and each team play shows their amazing talent on the ground. Tonight, team Al-Hazm (HAZ) and team Al-Ittihad (ITT) has played 9 matches, and now, they will play their 10th match against each other.

In this league, you will get to see the skills, talent, and strategies of the players. The league always brings some unforgettable matches for the fans who have been watching every match of the league since the league begins. It seems that the performance of team HAZ was not well in the last few matches and now, they are going to play another match of the league. We are excited to watch the next match. If you want to watch this match on the ground so, you will have to purchase the tickets from the official website to watch this match on the football ground.

HAZ vs ITT: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Al-Hazm (HAZ) vs Al-Ittihad (ITT)
  • League:- Saudi Arabian League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Al Hazem Club Stadium
  • Date:- Thursday, October 28, 2021
  • Time:- 08:35 PM IST

HAZ vs ITT: Team Squad

Al-Hazm (HAZ):- Thaar Al-Otaibi, Alison, Pato, Naif Mousa, Ibrahima Tandia, Karim Yoda, Abdullah Alshamri, Carlos Strandberg John Ahmad Al-Najei, Neris, Abdulaziz Al Nashee, Ibrahim Zaied, Vladimir Golemiฤ‡, Ahmed Al Shamrani, Ibrahim Albarakah, Salem Hamdan, Dawood Al-Saeed, and Tiago Rodrigues.

Al-Ittihad (ITT):- Aleksandar Prijoviฤ‡, Romarinho, Haroune Camara, Abdulrahman Al Yami, Abdulaziz Al Aryani, Mohammed Al-Thain, Karim El Ahmadi, Abdulelah Al Malki, Omar Khalid Dakhel Al-Jadani, Ibrahem Al-Shaudh Hegahamid Hegahamid, Omar Hawsawi, Ziyad Al-Sahafi, Hamdan Al-Shamrani, Hamed Al-Mansour, Muhannad Alshanqeeti, Abdulmohsen Fallatah, Ali Rial, Tariq Mohammed, Bruno Henrique, Fahad Al Muwallad Al-Bishi, Awad Al Nashri, Omar Dakhel Al-Jadani, Abdulmajed Alzahrani, Abdulaziz Al Jebreen, Essam Al Muwallad, Saher Alsrihi, Abdulaziz Al-Duwaihi, Hassan Al-Asmari, Abdulrahman Alobud, Abdulmajid Al-Sawat, Mohammed Al Oufi, Marcelo Grohe, Fawaz Al Qarni, Mohammed Abu Aseda, Abdullah Khalid Alammar, Hazim Al Zahrani, Ywnon Al-Bishi, Basil Al-Hadhif Eldin, and Garry Rodrigues.

HAZ vs ITT: XI Lineups Player

Al-Hazm (HAZ):- Masood Bekheet, Abdurahman Al-Dakheel, Alison Lopes Ferreir, Tiago Rodrigues, Daowed Al-Saed, Hueglo Neris, Farhan Al-Azmi, Abdulhadi Al-Harajin, Ola John, Carlos Strandbergm, and Mohammad Rharsalla-Khadfi

Al-Ittihad (ITT):- Muhannad Shanqeeti, Omar-Hawsawi, Karim El Ahmadi, Bruno Henrique, Awad Al-Nashri, Abdulrahman Al-Obood, Marcelo Grohe, Saud Abdulhamid, Ahmed Hegazi, Abdulaziz Al-Bishi, and Romarinho.

HAZ vs ITT: Match Prediction

As we can see that both teams are ready to play another match and along with this, the fans are excited to know which team has more chances to win this match. As per the sources, team ITT has more chances to win this match because they have played some amazing matches and won 5 matches of 9 matches. On the other side, team HAZ just won 2 out of 9 matches. Team ITT is standing in the 2nd position and the rival team on the 11th spot. So, the prediction goes with team ITT.

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