National Javelin Throw Championship: Deepika sets under-16 record

Haryanaโ€™s Deepika set a new national record in the girlsโ€™ under-16 section with an effort of 49.31 metres in the 3rd National javelin throw championship at the Nehru Stadium complex here on Sunday.

Deepika was never threatened in the race to the gold as she improved upon her previous best of 48.21m that came in February this year.

In August this year, at Sangrur, Deepika tossed the javelin in the under-20 section – where the weight of the javelin used is 600 gms as against 500 gms for those in the under-16 section – to a personal best of 49.28 metres.

In other sections, too, the results came on expected lines with Kishore Kumar Jena coming up with four valid throws in excess of 70 metres to take the title with a high of 74.26 metres. Harish Kumar surprised Vipin Kasana to take the silver.

Final results:

Men: 1. Kishore Kumar Jena (Odi, 74.26m), 2. Harish Kumar (Raj, 72.61), 3. Vipin Kasana (Del) 71.89).

Boys: (under-20): 1. Jay Kumar (UP, 70.72m), 2. Vivek Kumar (MP, 66.01), 3. Vinit (Har, 65.39); (under-18): 1. Narayan Singh (UP, 68.89m), 2. Sujit (Har, 68.38), 3. Rahul Yadav (UP, 65.08); (under-16): 1. Mangal Singh (UP, 71.37m), 2. Rohan Yadav (UP, 70.14), Gaurav Patel (UP, 66.68).

Women: 1. Uma Choudhary (Raj, 46.41m), 2. Manu Kumari (UP, 44.67), 3. Priyanka (Har, 44.65).

Girls: (under-20): 1. Sakshi Sharma (UP, 46.29m), Sheetal (Har, 44.30), 3. Jyoti (Har, 43.61); (under-18): 1. Komal (UP, 44.70m), 2. Pratiskha Patel (UP, 44.55), 3. Himanshi (Har, 41.09); (under-16): 1. Deepika (Har, 49.31 (NR, old, 48.21); 2. Manisha (Har, 42.26), 3. Sapna (Har, 41.29).

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