Rachin Ravindra’s father throws light on the cricketer’s journey

Ahead of his momentous Test debut, Ravi Krishnamurthy gave his son Rachin Ravindra valuable advice. He told the young cricketer, โ€œDo not get emotional. It leads to a confused mental state. Use logic and common sense.โ€

And the left-handed Rachin, displaying great composure and an organised game, did just that. The southpaw defied the Indian spinners on a fifth day pitch, batting 91 deliveries for an unbeaten 18, to force a heroic draw in the Kanpur Test.

Ravi, a software engineer who emigrated to New Zealand from Bangalore in the mid-90s, eats and breathes cricket.ย ย 

Asked about Rachin overcoming a pressure situation, Ravi, speaking toย Sportstarย from his home in Wellington, said, โ€œPressure is a perception. Itโ€™s what you feel in the mind. Keep your mind relaxed. Rachin understands this. Keeps it simple.โ€

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Ravi, the founder of Hutt Hawks which sends a team to India every year, said, โ€œYou are surrounded by close-in catchers, there are five of them. Fine, donโ€™t talk to them. Just play the ball on merit. Keep your mind blank.โ€

Rachin, now 22, has been playing with a hard cricket ball since the age of five, Ravi revealed. โ€œAll his visits to India and batting in the hot conditions and on pitches offering turn certainly helped in his Test debut.โ€

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Father and son have several conversations on cricket. Ravi said, โ€œSome of the hardest tasks in cricket have kindergarten solutions!โ€

Ravi stayed awake at night to watch Rachinโ€™s match-saving innings. โ€œObviously I am happy. He has come through schools and age-group cricket. Can bowl useful left-arm spin too. Heโ€™s a great kid, very mature for his age and likes a laugh.โ€

Ahead of the India tour, Ravi advised Rachin, who opens for Wellington, to play five sessions to force a draw against the strong Canterbury.

The ball was seaming around and swinging at the Basin Reserve, yet Rachin batted four and a half sessions for his 70. โ€œHe almost pulled it off. Mentally, he gave everything.โ€

Ravi said, Rachin has a power game but can adapt to conditions and situations.ย  ย  ย  ย 

And guess why he named him Rachin? Itโ€™s a combination of Rahul [Dravid] and Sachin [Tendulkar].

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