Sreeshankar wins Gold at International Jumps in Greece

M. Sreeshankar, the national long jump record holder, surprised Indoor Worlds silver medallist Thobias Montler and won the gold with 8.31m at the International Jumping Meet in Kallithea, Athens, on Wednesday.

Sreeshankar, who has a personal best of 8.36m, took the title with his third jump after 7.88 and 7.71 in his first two attempts. His fourth was 7.79 while the next two were fouls.

Sreeshankar: ‘Mental torture has made me and dad strong’

ย It was Sreeshankarโ€™s international season-opener and his first overseas competition after the Tokyo Olympics.

Swedenโ€™s Montler, who was seventh in last yearโ€™s Tokyo Olympics, took the silver with 8.27 while Franceโ€™s Jules Pommery picked the bronze with a personal best 8.17m.

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