Tom Brady responds to Tony Romo calling him ‘slow,’ Peyton Manning keeping Madden speed rating

Tom Brady took to Twitter on Monday to address recent comments by former quarterbacks Tony Romo and Peyton Manning about his speed.

Romo was announcing the Buccaneers’ 33-27 win over the Bills on Sunday when he called Brady “slow.” Funny enough, Brady ran for a season-high gain of 13 yards during the game. Brady referenced the play in a video response.

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Brady finished Sunday’s game with seven carries for 16 yards, including 1-yard touchdown sneak.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians did not seem enthused after the game about his 44-year-old quarterback running the ball. 

“That’s enough of that s—,” Arians told reporters.

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Sunday’s game was historic for Brady as he passed Drew Brees for most completions in NFL history. He also threw his 700th career touchdown pass; he is the only player in NFL history to reach that milestone. 

Brady took heat from Manning recently for his quarterback skills, which is not surprising given their storied rivalry. Manning became a “ratings adjuster” for the EA Madden 22 video game, and his first act was to lower Brady’s overall score from 99 to 44. Manning adjusted almost every category, but he left one the same: Brady’s speed. It remained at 71, which is not that high in Madden. 

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At the end of his Twitter video, Brady made sure to tell EA that it needed to raise his speed score. He recommended 93. 

The category Manning was most concerned about, though, was Brady’s accuracy, which was set at 99. Brady now holds the record for most completions, so it makes sense that the score would be so high. Manning adjusted it to 70.

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