UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draw: All you need to know

The UEFA Champions League draw for the Round of 16 will take place on Monday, December 13 at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The draw will feature 16 teams, with the group winners being the seeded teams and the runners-up being unseeded.ย 

What are the criteria for the draw?

No two clubs from the same national association can face each other in the Round of 16. Also, clubs that have faced each other in the group stage cannot be drawn together.

UEFA Champions League draw LIVE: Round of 16 fixtures, updates

When is the Round of 16 fixtures scheduled?

The first legs are scheduled for 15/16/22/23 February, with the second legs on 8/9/15/16 March. The kickoff will be at 1:30 am IST.ย 

Changes this season

UEFA announced on June 24, 2021, that it will be abolishing the away goals rule. The rule was introduced in the 1965-66 European Cup Winners Cup. The rule states that the team, which has scored more goals ‘away from home’ wins if the total number of goals scored by each team are otherwise equal over the two-legged tie.ย 

From this season, if the aggregate score after two-ties remains level, the match will go to 30 minutes. If the teams cannot be separated even after extra time, the tie will be decided by a penalty shootout.

Where can I watch the draw?

The draw will be streamed live on UEFA’s website.

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