Urban Meyer’s daughter weighs in after Jaguars fire coach: ‘The world hates any platform we have’

Family first.ย 

Urban Meyer’s disastrous debut season in the NFL came to a predictable but arguably premature end on Thursday, in the wake of an incendiary report that Meyer kicked a Jaguars player during the preseason (among countless other things to happen this season).ย 

While he might be public enemy No. 1 in Jacksonville, he at least has one supporter: Meyer’s daughter Giselaย weighed in on Instagram in the wake of the firing,ย offering an unsurprising (and fairly unmoving) defense of her father, throwing some shade at the media in the process:

The enemy (aka the world) REALLY doesn’t wanna see good people win.

& you can argue whether my dad is a “good person” or not based on what you see in the media

(super reliable source of info as we know)

Anyone who truly knows us knows how incredible he is as a person.

& the world hates any platform we have, so he’s going to create chaos to destroy it.

Little does he know he’s making it stronger.ย 

It’s not over. Keep watching.

The support of her father comes in the wake of a report that Meyer had kicked former Jags kicker Josh Lambo during the preseason, and allegation that was made public on Wednesday.ย Lambo’s account of the events may have been the straw that broke the jaguar’sย back.ย 


In all, Meyer went just 2-11 with Jacksonville in his first year in the NFL, but the record doesn’t tell the story of the countless controversies, soundbites and meme-able moments that led to his firing, even prior to the Lambo story.

Reportedly, Meyer had an icy relationship with “all three levels” of the organization โ€” players, coaches, personnel โ€” and various reports in recent weeks painted a picture of total and complete dysfunction in the midst of a lost season for the Jaguars.ย 

Now, Meyer has plenty of time to spend with his family during the holiday season.

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