World Cup Qualifiers: Brazil’s Alisson hits half century of caps, dreams of more

Becoming the first South American team to qualify for the Qatar World Cup will give Brazil time to prepare, but it will not change the way they approach matches between now and the November 2022 kick-off, goalkeeper Alisson said on Friday.

The Liverpool keeper won his 50th cap in Brazilโ€™s 1-0 win over Colombia in Sao Paulo, a game that maintained their unbeaten record in the qualifying matches.

“Itโ€™s very gratifying, the first objective that we had (was to qualify),โ€ Alisson said. โ€œWeโ€™ve had a great campaign, and weโ€™ve qualified ahead of time, and for me, it was very special to do it in my 50th match.โ€

โ€œWhat changes is that weโ€™re qualified but every game will be the same, in the spirit of the World Cup.โ€

Brazil beats Colombia 1-0 to qualify for 2022 World Cup


โ€œThis is just a stage,โ€ he added. โ€œThe earlier you qualify the better, it allows the coach to prepare better, to give everyone a chance. But we will not change what we do. The next game is always the most important one.โ€

That next game has a special meaning because it is a South American Classico against Argentina, the team that beat Brazil in Rio in July to win the Copa America.

โ€œFacing Argentina is always important and special,โ€ the Liverpool stopper said.

โ€œAnd itโ€™s true, they won the last Copa America,” he said. “Although I think we deserved it, thereโ€™s only one winner in football. This is our chance to show what we can do.โ€

Brazil will be without captain Casemiro for Tuesdayโ€™s match in San Juan after the Real Madrid defender was one of seven players who picked up a booking in a game that featured 44 fouls.

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